Friday, October 29, 2010


So I guess its finally official!  I have my first ever blog --finally arranged and complete!!  I'm really not sure if this is all right - but I hope so!!  Thankfully, my hubby is amazing when it comes to computers, and has the patience of saint!!  Thanks to everyone for their tips and advice - and bear with me as I actually start to post pics and posts (I still have NO idea what I'm doing, lol).

Currently over at CDAC (one of my new favortite places thanks to Tracy S.!), their freebie digi challenge is going on and Mabelle over at WhimsyandStars offered this adorable digi that I just had to have and start working on as soon as she was downloaded!!  Here is the card I entered over there - believe it or not, I had colored her several different ways before finally deciding on this color scheme.  I think she came out rather cute, don't u??

So in the spirit of Halloween, Michelle Perkett had a Full Moon Fever Blog Hop over this past weekend.  I bit the bullet and entered with this card which used her Happy Halloween Witch image, even though I was a little nervous about "hopping".  It was my first hop ever (a hop virgin if you will), and had so much fun learning about everyone's Halloween/Fall Traditions and seeing their sparks of creativity on paper.  I can't wait to do it again! 

Wishing you all a Spooktacular Halloween filled with more treats than tricks :) 


  1. Hoo Hoo!!! I am your first followers!!! Love the blog. I had to scroll a bit to find the first post. Tracy is really good at fixing blog, you might want to recruit her to help you fix that! Beside that, it loooooooks fabulous!!!! Congratulations at joining the world of blogging!

  2. Both cards are awesome! I love the green hair on the witch and that first card.. love that image too.. I grabbed her the other day myself. Great looking blog but you do have to scroll wayyyyy down to see the posts.

  3. Whoooohooo!!! You are bloggin girl! Love the new background too! So glad to see that you're getting the hang of things!

  4. Sorry...I forgot....LOVE THE CARDS!