Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm sweet :)

It was a bit of a hectic morning - neverending loads of laundry and getting 3 girls ready to go to the pool.  Need I say more??  But then I got this little heads up from a good friend of mine, Starla, that I had a nice little surprise on her blog :)  I met Starla over at Guylou's Inimitability's group at the CDAC and she is just the sweetest gal you'll ever talk to - and mad talented, too!  I'm sure she'd love for you to stop on by, take a look around, and say hi!  Click here to go and visit Starla's blog!

My surprise was this "sweet" little award that I am thrilled to receive and honored that Starla would think of me!!  Thank you so much sweetie!!!  Mmmm, looks so yummy, too ;)

Part of receiving the award requires you to share 7 things about yourself and then pass it along to 8 other bloggy friends that you find Irresistibly Sweet :).  Here are my 7:

1.  I looooooove coffee.  Drink it in the morning, drink it at night...and I have a humungo container of cinnamon by my machine so I can sprinkle some in with every cup to make it extra yummy!
2.  I say I'm dreading the teenage years with all my girls, but I'm secretly looking forward to them growing up and us all doing big girl things together :)
3.  I actually love Jack's Big Music Show on Nick Jr. and get upset when my girls refuse to watch it!
4.  I would give my right arm for a 2nd honeymoon with my hubby since we haven't vacationed since our 1st!
5.  I abhor scary movies.  I'm a big scaredy cat and I am willing to admit it, lol.  If I actually try to sit thru one, I won't be able to shower without the curtain drawn for like a week - no lie.
6.  I love my wax warmer and having some kind of vanilla-y, coconutty, buttery goodness wafting thru the air especially while crafting :)
7.  Going to Paris, drinking wine, and eating bread and cheese at a outside cafe is on my bucket list.

Phew!  LOL, that was harder than I thought!  Ok, now onto the 8 women I feel deserve this award.  This is super hard too because so many friends I've "met" through this crafting blogworld are so deserving of it so how do you narrow it down to 8?   Nonetheless, here are my picks!:

2.  Brenda - Brenscraps
3.  Trina - Trina Makes Stuff
3.  Dorcas - Dorcas Designs
4.  Faye - Stampin' Fluffnstuff 
5.  Cheryl - She Stamps
8.  Roxann - Three R Girls Scrap

Thank you ladies for your friendship and your inspiration!!


  1. LOL Yes you are. All I can see is the must still be working on this. =D

  2. Ahh hun, I am so touched you thought of me, thank you. You've made my evening as I sit here coughing and spluttering. xxx

  3. Look, there's me! You're so sweet, Sara!

  4. Thanks so much for thinking of me, Sarah!

  5. Well done, I love ready the facts and that way learn a little more about the people behind the blogs. Enjoy your day

  6. I will be back miss Sara for my sweet award!!!

  7. Thank you, Sara! You are one of my bestest scrappin' friends I have met!